EJBY Brotherhood and NVision Esports have earned promotion to the UKLC! By defeating Bulldog Esports and DarkSpawn Gaming in the Forge of Champions Promotion Tournament, the two teams from the Open Tournaments have successfully qualified for the UKLC Summer Split.

In the final games of the 2019 Spring Split, EJBY Brotherhood and NVision Esports both made their presence known. Coming out as the top two of the four amateur teams to have qualified via the Open Tournaments, both sides then found decisive victories over UKLC line-ups in the best-of-3 bracket.

Sadly, this means a goodbye (for now) to two community favourites: Bulldog Esports and DarkSpawn Gaming, who are relegated from the UK League Championship. Best of luck to you both; we hope to see you challenging for spots again next Split!

EJBY Brotherhood

When EJBY Brotherhood qualified for the Forge of Champions Main Event, their mid laner, OnlyVixen, explained how the team came together:

“The day before Forge of Champions started, Ceikey came to me and said he really wants to knock out the bottom two teams since they didn’t take him as a starter,” OnlyVixen recalled. “I laughed and was like, ‘Are you serious?'”

Yes. Yes, he was.

With a roster featuring a heavy influence from Denmark, the inspiration behind their name (Ceikey named them “Ejby” after a Danish town), the Brotherhood formed just a day before Forge of Champions started, and kept on improving until they were worthy of a spot in the UKLC.

EJBY only took one game off of DarkSpawn Gaming in the Forge of Champions Main Event, but that was just a taster of what was to come. They entered the Promotion Tournament as the top seed after seeing off NVision Esports and Hybrid eSports UK in the off-air bracket, before cleanly dispatching DarkSpawn 2-0 on broadcast. In the Upper Final, with a spot in the UKLC on the line, they overcame NVision once again (2-1) to secure a place in the premiere UK League of Legends competition.

Top: Lena
Jungle: Ceikey
Mid: Vixen
Bot: DenVoksne
Support: Shayzien

Top laner Lena has been the talk of the town for some time, but this is the first time we will see the Challenger top laner participate in the UKLC. Accustomed to a lane bully playstyle emphasised by picks such as Irelia, Jayce, and Riven, Lena is undoubtedly a playmaker. And if you think those picks sound fun, Vixen, the team’s mid, seems just as enjoyable to play against. Previously known as an Ahri one-trick, the mid laner has developed his champion pool dramatically, showing a flair for Akali alongside more traditional mages. If either are able to build synergy with Ceikey, who has shown incredible early-game proficiency in EJBY Brotherhood’s games so far, their top side of the map could develop into something scary.

But the real story of E9’s success in the Promotion Tournament stemmed from their bottom lane. With Shayzien displaying pinpoint accuracy on champions such as Morgana and Thresh, the duo has dominated lane in the majority of their games. And once he has some gold secured, DenVoksne evolves into a terrifying menace, melting towers as Caitlyn or champions as Vayne with equal impunity.

NVision Esports

NVision’s all-UK roster shows just how much local talent there is in the region. The organisation was formed late last year by two esports enthusiasts, Simon Vinson and Stuart Butcher, who fancied a crack at the scene. They put together the team in early January, and the rest is history.

“We are ecstatic about the promotion and couldn’t be more thrilled,” said Simon. “It has been a long few months of hard work coming to fruition and finally paying off.”

The pair are now busy crossing the Ts and dotting the Is in advance of the Summer Split, as their speedy route to success brings them new challenges. “It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and it doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon, but this is what we live for!”

Like EJBY Brotherhood, NVision Esports were also able to win their first game in the Forge of Champions Main Event, but were ultimately defeated by their UKLC opposition (Phelan Gaming, 2-1). And like EJBY, NVision recovered admirably to claim a UKLC berth. In fact, during the Promotion Tournament (both on-air and off), the only team that NVision dropped games to was EJBY, as they beat both Bulldog Esports and DarkSpawn Gaming 2-0 on their way to victory via the Lower Final.

Top: Brelia
Jungle: Noodilicious/Infinity
Mid: 3z3
Bot: Spark
Support: UKMealDeal

Contrary to popular belief, Brelia was not named after Irelia. In fact, the top laner prefers split-pushing powerhouses such as Jax and Yorick when climbing Solo Queue, but in the Promotion Tournament, Vladimir was his champion of choice. Reliably scaling to become a teamfighting monster, Brelia often provided a late-game insurance policy for his team (where “insurance” equated to “soaking the Rift in the blood of his enemies”).

It was Noodilicious who started out as NVE’s jungler in Forge of Champions against Phelan Gaming, but in the Promotion Tournament, Infinity took over the reins. Whereas Noodilicious provided ample front line protection for his team, Infinity found success diving the back line, with notable performances on Kha’Zix and Hecarim. When paired with his equally aggressive mid laner, 3z3, the pair caused chaos amongst the enemy team’s carries during every skirmish they took part in.

Spark and UKMealDeal hadn’t been as dominant as E9’s bot lane during Forge of Champions, but when it came down to the deciding best-of-3 against DarkSpawn Gaming, the carry stepped up. Spark’s MVP performance across two Kai’Sa games provided an excellent accompaniment to UKMealDeal’s penchant for serving up timely engages. That talent may stem from his days as a UK jungle talent under the name of ‘Propapandah’, though why he left that role is unclear. (The player revealed his true identity just yesterday, like a budget Scooby-Doo villain out on a revenge mission to steal elo from the UKLC’s meddling kids.)



If you want to see the new teams play, look no further than our YouTube channel, where you can catch all of their replays from the broadcasted portions of Forge of Champions. Or see them play each other, in a sumptuous two-for-one that even UKMealDeal would be proud of:

Unfortunately, the world will now spiral into disarray, as there’s no more UK League of Legends action until the 2019 UKLC Summer Split kicks off in July (!!). Make sure you’re ready for the UKLC’s comeback by following our channel at twitch.tv/lvpuk. And stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates and announcements as all the season’s drama unfolds!