Four of the best League of Legends teams in the British Isles will do battle to earn a spot at the top. Who will rise above the rest to test Fnatic Rising in the Forge of Champions Grand Final?

Hundreds of players—dozens of teams—have fallen. The survivors are those who held their nerve through the tests that were thrown their way. Now, those four teams will play each other to determine which side will reach the Grand Final.

With every match a best-of-3, there’s plenty of League of Legends still to be played before a team earns the right to the Forge of Champions trophy. Who can see off the competition to take on the winners of the UK League Championship, Fnatic Rising?

Before we get to the Grand Final, all eyes are on our four semifinal contenders. All four teams seem to rather neatly compare to the four houses of the Mid-Season Trials

 Diabolus vs. Phelan Gaming 

Wed 8th May, 18:00 GMT
‘Dynamic and unpredictable’ are adjectives that could be used to describe any number of UKLC teams. But in Forge of Champions, it’s Diabolus who have seemed to display the most qualities of the Faceless. With the ability to play a number of different strategies reliant on the individual strengths of any of their five players, Diabolus are a nightmare to draft against. Just ask DarkSpawn Gaming, who succumbed to Kerberos’s tank Vayne top.

Phelan Gaming, meanwhile, are a different sort of animal altogether. More reliant on their unique team cohesion and never-say-die attitude to dig out wins, Phelan are easily comparable to the United. It was that resilience that allowed them to become the first team in the tournament to avoid a reverse sweep, as they booked their spot in the semifinals against Enclave Gaming. And it’s that mental fortitude they’ll have to fall back on again if they are to defeat Diabolus en route to the bracket final.

 Excel UK vs. MnM Gaming 

Wed 8th May, 20:30 GMT
Excel UK have had a rollercoaster of a season. But since they secured the very first UKLC tower in Week 1 of the Spring Split, one thing has never been in doubt: this team has the knowledge of how to win games. In all the chaos on the Rift, Excel always have their win condition in mind… even when everything else isn’t going to plan. Whether it’s through claiming a decisive teamfight when item thresholds are hit, or ending the game through a Jax teleport, make no mistake: Excel, like the Council, know exactly how to beat you.

Few teams can offer the raw mechanical strength of MnM Gaming’s laners; even fewer have the guts to execute on it. For MnM, like the Warband, committing to an insane outplay has never been an issue—the issue is showing restraint. But what good is restraint, what good is a perfect game plan, if your opponent simply steamrolls you with outplays and wanton aggression?

Diabolus/Phelan vs. Excel/MnM

Thurs 10th May, 18:00 GMT
The first best-of-3 on Thursday will see the previous two winners go head-to-head in the bracket final. The winner stays on to play in the Grand Final.

Challenger vs. Fnatic Rising 

Thurs 10th May, 20:30 GMT
Fnatic Rising haven’t played in Forge of Champions thus far, earning their spot in the final as a result of their victory in the Spring Split Playoffs. As champions of the UK League Championship—and as a top-4 side at EU Masters—the onus will be on them to show up. Can they deliver a performance worthy of their reputation and secure themselves the Forge of Champions trophy? Or will they exit the competition as suddenly as they enter it?


The action doesn’t stop there. Once the Main Event is wrapped up, there’s next week’s Promotion Tournament, where Bulldog Esports will have to fight for their UKLC survival alongside DarkSpawn Gaming. They’ll be joined by the teams from the Forge of Champions Open Tournaments and compete for two spots in the UKLC Summer Split! Games will be broadcast on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from 6pm BST.

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