Welcome to the all-new UK League Championship.

In 2019, the entire season will fit under one bold banner: the UKLC, which will be divided into two splits. The first split starts with the best nine UK League teams fighting to win the championship. Then, UKLC teams will throw down for Forge of Champions, alongside some new faces. From split two onward we’ll see the full season cycle, with a relegation-promotion tournament giving a chance for new teams to enter the league before the next season kicks off.

For the first split, we’ll skip the relegation-promotion tournament and dive right into the action—tune in on Wednesday, the 13th of February.

The league will use a format we’re calling ‘the tower’, our own take on the classic king-of-the-hill style competition. Eight teams will enter into a single-elimination, best-of-one bracket every week, with the team that successfully grinds their way through that gruelling gauntlet becoming the challenger. The challenger gains the chance to take on our 9th team, the reigning tower champion, in a bid to steal their title and take the tower for themselves.

Our first tower champions are Enclave Gaming, who were the only team (other than last year’s Forge of Champions winners Misfits Academy, now in France’s LFL) to earn the right to represent the UK at the last EU Masters. Enclave topped the table in 2018, meaning they’ll start UKLC life atop the tower, awaiting their first challenger. Here’s how an example bracket could play out:

Teams are awarded championship points based on their finishing each week, with the tower champion earning the most points of all. If the challenger fails to defeat the tower champion, they are granted a rematch at the start of the following week, presenting a second chance for them to snatch the top spot. After all seven weeks have completed, the total championship points are tallied up and the top four teams will enter playoffs to fight for the UKLC title.

Playoffs feature a no-mercy, single-elimination bracket with a best-of-three semifinals and culminating in a best-of-five finals. They will take place over the weekend on the 30th-31st of March. The triumphant victor will be declared the first-ever UKLC Champion.

Those at the top also earn the right to compete in the EU Masters, where they can represent the UK on the international stage.

In May, all nine UKLC teams will return in Forge of Champions, joined by four teams that succeeding in qualifying via our open tournament—which anyone can join! These four teams will then face the bottom two UKLC teams for a chance to join the UKLC summer split in the relegation-promotion tournament. Keep a close eye on our website for more information on what’s to come.

In the meantime, the new season kicks off on Wednesday, the 13th of February, at 6pm. Regular season games will take place every Wednesday and Thursday evening, so make sure you tune in to twitch.tv/lvpuk to catch all of the action!